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The Aegean coast of Turkey is maybe the most beautiful dive region around AsiaMinor. Different currents from different climates and seas mix here and compose a great variety of aquatic life. Fish from Atlantic and Med mixes with thouse coming from the Black Sea. And there ise a dramatic change in the climate of north and south of the Aegean coast. This also has great effect on the variety of creatures and dives as well.

Both sides of the Aegean is surrounded by great civilizations throughout the history. Turks and Greeks dominate the area now, but wrecks and archeaological relics reach back to thousands of years. If you are interested in history and want to see the amphoras, you must come dive the Aegean and see them. There are also wrecks from the WWII and some contemporary cargo ships as well. Anzak War around the Dardanelles left many war ships behind. We must dive and show our respect to thoso who fought for their nations.

Besides diving, Turkish Aegean coast always offers the best opportunities for a nice holiday, with its white and blue colors, olive oil tastes, friendly people and great hospitality. Those who wants a day-off diving may enjoy the blue bays with their non-diving accompanies. History lies not only underwater, but on land as well. Handcrafts of local villages are great value and make nice gifts to those back home.

You will never regret a day when you stay around the Aegean coast.

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