Aksona Bay

It took its name from a famous sponge hunter “Aksona Mehmet” of Bodrum. It takes about 50 minutes by boat and is for advanced and open water divers only. It starts at 3 meters and then goes down to 20’s, then a rock wall until 30-35 meters. Aksona is a dive site where Agean history lies. There are lots of archeological foundings. Continue the dive passing over sea grass and rock formations where hopefully you should find an old Phonecian ships anchor at 13.5 meter level (about 16 minutes into dive). This anchor has been placed on top of a flat rock for easy sighting. On reaching the wall, look out for one almost complete piece of amphora lying on the sandy sea bed (about 30 meters depth). You might see, octopuses, groupers, goldblotch groupers, barracudas, murray eels and if you are lucky, thornback rays!

Divers should be aware of reverse currents. This point is almost the southeast tip of the Black Island. Winds change quickly and currents as well.