Big Reef


The most beatiful and fascinating dive site in Bodrum. Big Reef has all the diving opportunities in it.  The depth starts at 7m (25 ft) . Divers can use the anchor chain for easy descent to top of the reef. lt has a wall which faces Black Island and drops straight down from 7 mtrs to 34 mtrs. The other side of the reef is gradual slope down to depths of 25 to 30 mtrs. Padi open water or 1 star Cmas divers can use this side of the reef to descend to their depths. The higher level of divers can descend straight from the drop off. The wall is rich with marine life and particularly well suited for photography. It will take only 20 minitues to reach here from Bodrum. Octopuses, Moray eels, small fish, huge groupers, barracudas,  jacks, colorfull slugs, spiny lobsters  and many other varieties of marine life expected to be seen in Big reef . This dive site is suitable for experienced divers as often there are currents.