Paçoz Bay

A bay located between Smugglers and the Lighthouse. It is 25 minutes journey to reach there by boat. An ideal point for both advanced divers, open water divers and beginners.

It is a very scenic dive spot as it has 3 fishing boat wrecks at the depths of 16 to 24 mtrs at the left side wall. Dive site also has a small cave at 30 mtrs and the entrance of it has tooth corals, loads of micro and different types of sponges. Watch out for lobsters, sponges, barracuda, octopus, sting rays and groupers resting on the sponges. The sea bed is mainly sand and covered with rock formations. In 2007 on the left side of the bay, BOSAD sank a C47 Dakota Plane for the divers and as an artificial reef project.

If you follow the right wall you may encounter with giant groupers at around 19m to 24 m. Right side inclines gently with a sandy and grassy bottom.