Poyraz Bay

It is on the back of the Black Island and takes about 45 minutes by boat. Poyraz means Northeast wind in Turkish. This bay is always windy and is relaxing on hot summer days. An ideal point for both advanced divers, open water divers and beginners. The rock formations start from 5 mtrs and slopes down to 20 mtrs. Look out for groupers, octopus, moray eels, star fish, sponges and several other species of small fish – also amphoras.

Following the right side, a nice slope brings you down to the first rocky reef at 16 m. If you follow the rocks deeper, you will arrive to a larger and deeper reef with more fish and critters around. This second part is only for advanced divers. It is not only the depth but a strong current welcomes you against your way back to the boat. There is also an old fish net tangled to the rocks and cut left behind, still hunting silently. Bad for aquatic life, as well as diver safety.

Since it is a good mooring site for gulets as well, there are always traffic in and out of the bay. Divers must be careful.