Smuggler’s Bay

Smuggler’s Bay is 25 minutes journey to reach there by boat. An ideal point for both advanced divers, open water divers and beginners.

Smuggler’s Bay is famous since Ottoman Times and known as a stash place for drug smugglers from Greek islands to the land. The bay makes a deep cut on the island’s profile and it is very hard to see the enterance from distance. On the shore there are small caverns to hide things. There is also a very long and winding underwater cave system with an enterance at right below the sea level. At low tide one can see the top of the enterance. It is not recommended for divers, even to those with cave diving experience since it is very narrow and labyrinth-like. It’s common to encounter the cave sweepers different species of sponges in this small cave..

It is possible to dive into two directions of the bay. Right Side : Many amphoras, sandy bottom, stingray, large family of groupers, soldier fish. Left Side: Soldier fish, axe fish, groupers, rocky and sandy. Look out for moray eels in the numerous cracks in the rocks. The rock formations go down to approximately 26 meters deep. Groupers will be encountered along with several other small species of fish. Also different species of sponges will be seen.

The photo above is taken by Turkish Champion of the 13th CMAS Underwater Photography World Championship, Orhan Aytür, in the Smuggler’s Cave. Below is the photo of the amphoras on the right side of the bay.