South Point

lt’s located at the south end of Black İsland and boat journey lasts about 50 mins. This dive spot is good for all level divers as well as for beginners and snorkellers.

Left side starts with sand and grass and reaches to a rocky wall ranging from 18 to 26 m. Wall reaches to send at this point and makes a nice shade for big fish and other animals such as octopus or lobsters. If you follow the rocks towards deep you will reach to a deeper reef with some other fish. On top of this point there is a busy boat traffic at the surface. Divers must beware.

Right side of the bay is very shallow and reaches down to only 15 m. Rocks, sand and grass makes home for small fish and octopus. This part is good for beginners and novice divers.

South point has another dive spot for advanced  divers called Hidden Reef. This reef starts around 20s  and drops down to 40+ m. The reef is covered with hundreds of different types of sponges. Marine life includes family of groupers, barracudas, jacks, dentex, eels, breams, salpas, etc.