The sighting of mammals underwater in the central and southern Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey is very rare. Less rare are sightings of Dolphins and Turtles on the surface which are often seen from diveboats’ travelling between dive sites.


The distribution of Dolphins in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas is governed largely, if not exclusively, by the availability of food. In global terms the waters of the Mediterranean are relatively unfertile and do not produce the food quantities required to sustain large groups of dolphins. This makes their appearance around the Turkish diving areas rare and then often only small social groups of between five and ten animals are seen. There are marginally more sightings along the southern, Mediterranean Coast of Turkey.


Seals are very rare around these coasts although there have been a few reported sightings. Individuals encountered have been extremely shy.


The south western region of Turkey is an important area for the loggerhead turtle which returns each year to breed in the area around Dalyan. Dalyan is at the southernmost point of the Aegean coastline of Turkey and the beaches provide the perfect place for the turtles to lay their eggs.