Upper Poyraz

This site rarely visited since it is open to the dominant winds around the Black Island. Boats may have problems staying moored. But it is worth diving here.

The name comes from the other side of the hill, Poyraz Bay. (mentioned in another post). Between Poyraz and Upper Poyraz, there are nice underwater caves inhabited by the Mediterranean Monk Seals, an endangered species.

Upper Poyraz has a reef formation reaching to the open sea. Reef starts around 8-10 m. on the left side of the bay and gently drops down to 20s. Left side of this reef is a big drop-off. Bottom starts around 35 m. and slopes down deeper as sand. Stingrays and other types of rays can be seen. On the wall, there are many caverns in various sizes. These holes make good nests for all types of fish, crustaceans and molluscs. Different types of sponges are scattered around.

This site is recommended for advanced divers only. Large path, long swims with currents sometimes. Deep and dark below.